Recreational Insurance

Don’t forget to cover your TOYS!

Unlike your auto and home, your weekend and fun activities are not necessities, but they still need to be covered for the same reasons.

Watercraft should be insured, just like a car. This includes motor boats, jet skis, and sail boats. As with your auto insurance, boat insurance will cover medical bills and property damage, as well as injuries to passengers in the boat, even if there’s no accident involved.

Recreational vehicles, motor homes and campers provide transportation with an eye toward comfort and fun. RV’s offer a terrific way to enjoy travel, the outdoors, and vacation. However, they are often more expensive than your car, and their sheer size may have greater potential for problems. Work with an agent that understands the special needs of RV owners to make sure you have proper coverage so that you can enjoy it without worry.

Liability covers injury and property damage done to others and protects you for claims filed against you by another party, and even campsite liability. Property damage includes covering the value of the vehicle itself, but coverage can also include vandalism, theft, and property stored in the vehicle. You may need additional coverage for special or custom equipment like awnings.

Motorcycle: While your bike may be your primary means of transportation, for most folks their motorcycle is definitely recreation. Insurance needs are similar to those for an automobile, yet they are still unique. At Davis & Associates, we can find a policy that keeps you covered without costing too much money. For example, you may benefit from off-season storage insurance, or transport insurance for when you want to trailer your bike somewhere.

ATV: The fun factor with All Terrain Vehicles runs sky high, but so does the risk and danger. Damage and injury are no fun at all. Discuss with your agent how to get adequate coverage. There are many factors to consider, such as where you plan to ride.

You may be able to buy a rider on your homeowner’s policy if you only ride on your property. However, there still may be gaps in coverage in case of an accident, as many homeowner’s policies only cover damage to the actual ATV. Therefore, personal injury may pose a financial risk.

If you plan to ride off your property, you will most likely need coverage beyond what your homeowner’s policy provides. Also, if you ride on public land, you’ll need separate coverage for your ATV.

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